About Hampton DomesticsTM

Hampton Domestics doesn't stop working for you once we've found the employees that you require. We follow-up with our clients regularly. After a placement has been made, we make periodic contact with our clients so that we can be available if you have any problems or concerns. We want to ensure that you'll have a comfortable employer-employee relationship. We can provide assistance and/or advice regarding salary, vacation, and employee performance issues.

  • All applicants are personally interviewed
  • All references are thoroughly checked
  • All letters of recommendation are verified
  • We can provide candidates who have been successfully placed in the past
  • We offer consulting in regards to all of your personal service staffing needs
  • Drug screening can be provided upon request
  • Criminal records checking will be provided upon request
  • Motor vehicle checking will be provided upon request

New York
Palm Beach
The Hamptons