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Between indoor and outdoor dining, takeout and delivery, the East End culinary scene seems almost normal, with a veritable smorgasbord of options across the Hamptons and North Fork. But there is yet another method of experiencing the exquisite local flavors of summer, and it's seen quite a boom in recent months—private cheffing. East End private chefs and staffing agency owners have congregated around the metaphorical roundtable to provide the inside scoop on the recent rise in staffing requests, the unique health benefits of hiring a private chef right now and the exciting ways they're helping their clients experience the world from the safety of home.

Brian McDonald
Hampton Domestics chef Brian McDonald
Home, Safe Home

"The main benefits of having a private chef right now are protection and less stress. Clients don't have to worry about social distancing because everyone is at home. And convenience also, but, at this point, it's mainly about the virus." - Vincent Minuto, professional chef and owner of Hampton Domestics

Controlling What Goes into Your Food, and What Doesn't

"Everyone's on a diet - no carbs, healthy food, salad, chicken, fish, no frying. It's all about healthy eating!" - Vincent Minuto, professional chef and owner of Hampton Domestics

From Farm to Dining Room Table

"A lot of the chefs are having food delivered, so they don't have to leave the premises. Most chefs are doing that; they're having everything delivered. Nobody wants to walk into the supermarket. It's still scary. There are places that are wonderful with delivery out here… There are organic farms that specialize in produce that deliver. There are fish companies that will deliver if you want certain fish; they'll FedEx it out! The rich can afford to pay $50 for a chicken and then another $25 to have it delivered." - Vincent Minuto, professional chef and owner of Hampton Domestics